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I love the mechanics of this game. So simple, but they build to something beautifully complex. What I aspire to in game design. Kudos!

Another beastcast buy! I'm also a huge FATT fan so I was doubly sold on this.

Also bought it after hearing the beastcast. Read the game and I can't wait to play it!

Sounded pretty cool after listening to the Beastcast, looking forward to playing!

Oh boy, it looks like the Beastcast really got a lot of players here. Looking to use this system in the future <3

Highly recommend!

Another Beastcast listener, and I had an absolute blast playing this. Easy to understand and get into, tons of fun.


Hey hi, I work as a freelance translator (mainly movies though) and love your game. I have a gaming podcast and want to play it on the cast for a special episode. To do that I will translate the game into German. I don't know if you're planning on releasing it in more than one language but you can have the translation for free if you're interested. Just wanted to leave that here. Shoot me a message on twitter @niklaskuck if any of this sounds interesting. 


I guess you are right, sorry about that

Deleted 79 days ago

isn't this effectively posting the game for free, on the page where ppl can buy it? seems iffy no?


Yet another from the Beastcast!


And another!


Another "bought after the beastcast," seemed like something I'd be down with.


bought a copy after listening to the latest beastcast, love everything about it :) going to play a story with my wife for new years eve